OPEN CITY MARUNOUCHI 4.Marunouchi Building exploration(3rd) – OPEN CITY MARUNOUCHI

OPEN CITY MARUNOUCHI | 30th Anniversary 大丸有まちづくり協議会


4.Marunouchi Building exploration

One of Marunouchi's representative buildings, the Marunouchi Building.
Any people visit here for shopping.
This tour will guide you to the backyards of the Marunouchi Building.
Let's go out and enjoy the scenery of Marunouchi Building, a deep underground place, and a rooftop that you can't usually enter!

Gathering Spot
Marunouchi Building Office Entrance (Gyoko Street side)
Thu 10th October
10:30~12:00(Registration at 10:15)
13:00~14:30(Registration at 12:45)
Up to 15people
Participation Fee
500JPY(tax included)
Visiting spots
Entrance ⇒MEMORY OF M ⇒ Rooftop ⇒ 11F Marunouchi Kannon ⇒ 7F Rooftop greening
※There is a possibility of change on the day
※This program will be held in English and Japanese.
 Japanese :